Assessment of Business Tourism

Insights into the drivers and barriers to planning and organizing international congresses in Aarhus.


Silverlining Research and Kvistgaard+HIRD has in 2021 conducted an evaluation of the business tourism project ERVITU for VisitAarhus. ERVITU was a business tourism project with the aim of further developing elected initiatives to attract international conferences, for example through collaboration with research environments and companies within business-related strengths.


As part of the evaluation process, Silverlining Research conducted interviews with key experts in and around the project, contributing to the formulation of specific recommendations for future strategic efforts.


The evaluation also offered valuable input from experts regarding both the successes achieved and areas for improvement within the project’s four key focus areas. They delivered insights into drivers and barriers in planning and hosting conferences, as well as input on an assessment of cooperation and expansion opportunities for VisitAarhus. Additionally, Silverlining Research conducted an analysis of Aarhus from an international perspective, comparing it with other international cities in relation to hosting conferences.
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