Awareness and Brand Strength Measurement for one of the World’s Largest Manufactures

Insights into brand awareness and strength to guide future marketing strategies and activities for Hörmann.


Silverlining Research conducted an awareness study for Hörmann. Hörmann originates from the German market and produces garage gates, doors, frames and industrial doors and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the field.

The company is a long-time sponsor of international sports, and especially the national football league. The Hörmann group was also a former sponsor of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, who served as the company’s brand ambassador.


In connection with work on brand and reputation, Hörmann has wanted to gain more in-depth insight into the degree of awareness in Denmark, including the knowledge of certain sponsorships, among the Danish population.

Silverlining Research has helped draw a picture of the awareness of Hörmann in Denmark through a representative online population survey.


Through the study, Hörmann has gained a clearer picture of their awareness and brand strength within three important parameters, which are part of Hörmann’s future marketing strategy and activities.
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