In March 2020, Silverlining Research, in collaboration with Omnibus, helped the branding and strategy company, The Brand Company, and sugar manufacturer Al Khaleej Sugar, to conduct a market analysis in the United Arab Emirates.

Al Khaleej Sugar, one of the largest manufacturers of sugar in the world, and is operating on a B2B market, has wanted to clarify their possible B2C profile as well as proposals for an entry into the B2C sugar market in the United Arab Emirates.

Silverlining Research and Omnibus have assisted with advice in planning a market analysis that has given The Brand Company and Al Khaleej Sugar a full understanding of the market and its potentials, a picture of the customer segments and their opportunities, as well as input to strategic initiatives.

Through the analysis, Al Khaleej Sugar has gained detailed insight into their potential B2C market, including motivations and preferences, which builds a solid foundation for future market penetration.

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Awareness and Brand Strength Measurement

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