Copenhagen as an Outdoor Destination

Insight into what experiences locals and potential visitors find attractive in Copenhagen. 


Experiences in the nature or the Danish coast have been the primarily reasons for Danes to spend their holiday in Denmark. However, the reasons to visit Copenhagen as a big city attraction have been different. Here the primary reasons have been great culture experiences, but is it also possible to make outdoor experiences a part of Copenhagen’s strength position? And how do such outdoor experiences look like in a big city context?

To answer this question, Visit Copenhagen wanted to gain information on how to strengthen the international competitive position of Copenhagen through more attractive outdoor areas with the potential of making the city’s outdoor area the framework of new communities and sustainable experiences in the meeting between locals, visitors, and the industry. The project focuses both on blue and green outdoor areas and outdoor areas on street level.


Therefore, Silverlining Research carried out an analysis that uncovered both the supply of outdoor experiences in Copenhagen through in-depth interviews with business actors, and the demand of those from both local Copenhageners, and former and potential visitors through an international panel study.


The analysis provided insight into which experiences Copenhagen were considered good at today and which experiences to bet on in the future. For that reason, the project was a part of providing a long number of concrete suggestions for Wonderful Copenhagen. 
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