Cruise Tourism for Wonderful Copenhagen

One of the branches within tourism, that has suffered the most from Covid-19, is the cruise industry. Wonderful Copenhagen wanted to gain more information regarding cruise tourist’s knowledge of different cruise destinations, their travel behavior before Covid-19, their expectations for the future and the perception and reputation of different destinations.

Therefore, Silverlining Research conducted a data collection in Great Britain, Germany, the United States and Australia. The interviews were completed on a narrow target group, since all the respondents had previously been on a cruise. Despite the narrow target group, we conducted more than 800 interviews per wave in each of the four markets. This secured a solid basis for comparison for Wonderful Copenhagen since the analysis was completed with a total of 6,400 interviews.

Among other, the results have given Wonderful Copenhagen insights into former cruise behavior, which experiences the target groups demand, knowledge of different cruise destinations, destinations that have been popular – and that are considered safe, opinions about cruises under Covid-19, expectations for the future, possibilities, barriers  and much more.

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