In December 2019, Silverlining Research conducted a customer and churn analysis for Racehall. Racehall’s vision is to be the preferred destination when looking for fun and speed. A prerequisite for being this is high awareness and a good reputation.

Racehall has wanted to determine who of their customers have a predominant probability of returning and who have a lower possibility. This stems from the fact that the cost of attracting a new customer is much higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer.

Therefore, Silverlining Research has carried out an in-depth analysis based on Racehall’s extensive customer database. The purpose of the study has been to work in a structured manner with the individual customer segments and to adapt the marketing efforts and communication to increase customer retention and the return visit ration.

The analysis has given Racehall specific insight into who their customers are, and which activities have value. The customer segments were mapped based on the risk of churn, and the probability of return visits was identified. In addition, Racehall has received input on how this should be used to strengthen the business in the future.

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Tourism, culture & attractions

Naturkraft – Customer Insights and Product Development

Silverlining and Kvistgaard+HIRD act as strategic partners for Naturkraft concerning analysis, insights and product development.
The work is based on the research-based development tool eXDB © (eXperience Design Blueprint) and in-depth knowledge of Naturkraft’s future guests gathered in a number of personas.

Private sector

Awareness and Brand Strength Measurement

In February 2020, Silverlining Research conducted an awareness study for Hörmann. Hörmann originates from the German market and produces garage gates, doors, frames and industrial doors and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the field.