Customer and Stakeholder Analysis for Port of Frederikshavn

The Port of Frederikshavn is today one of Denmark’s most important commercial ports. The port is among Denmark’s 10 largest ports and includes a ferry port, freight port and versatile service industry, and Port of Frederikshavn has just completed a major expansion of the port consisting of two stages.

Silverlining Research carried out a customer and stakeholder analysis for the Port of Frederikshavn. The purpose of the analysis was to uncover the satisfaction and perception of Port of Frederikshavn’s current operations and the wishes for the direction of future operations among the primary players and customers in and around the port.

Silverlining Research prepared the analysis in two phases consisting of a qualitative phase with in-depth interviews with key customers and players and a quantitative survey phase among customers and stakeholders. Through the analysis, essential insights have been highlighted for use in Port of Frederikshavn’s strategic journey in particular focus and business areas. Furthermore, the analysis has paved the way for clarifying the attitudes and wishes of customers and stakeholders, which can help to increase the synergy between them and the Port of Frederikshavn.

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