In collaboration with Kvistgaard + HIRD and Firstmove, Silverlining has, at the end of 2020 prepared an analysis of sustainability under covid-19 in Denmark and Germany for the Danish Coast and Nature Tourism.

Based on the general development towards sustainability in connection with holidays, Danish Coastal and Nature Tourism wanted to prepare a target group analysis of Danish and German tourists’ attitudes and behaviour in connection with sustainability and environmentally friendly considerations when they are on holiday.

The study is based on various methods and data sources, which overall strengthens the impact of data, including extensive desk research and a quantitative survey in Denmark and Germany. As open an approach to data as possible has been used to avoid simply finding the topics and contexts that one usually sees.

Danish Coastal and Nature Tourism has received an exploratory target group analysis, which has uncovered which holiday offers, including the sustainable elements, are in demand during the current covid-19 pandemic. It is also highlighted which trends are emerging concerning more sustainable holidays and which segments particularly emphasise sustainability on their holiday trips.

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