In 2019-20, Silverlining had a consultancy collaboration with the Natural History Museum Aarhus to promote and strengthen the work of establishing a new Nature and Science Museum at an optimal location.

It has been a wish from the Natural History Museum Aarhus to create a reliable platform with a support group of business personalities in a broad sense so that business support can be achieved for the plans in relation to the political and foundation landscapes.

This has been done through strategic and operational advice and sparring on business development with the museum’s management, ongoing dialogue with key decision-makers and stakeholders, as well as maintaining momentum in terms of support, political priorities and financial basis for the museum’s plans.

The project has been about creating inspiration and support for the development of the new museum, as well as gaining enriching perspectives, good advice and creating a network that has provided value for both the Natural History Museum and the companies that are part of the project.

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