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Terje Vammen

Senior Director & Partner
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Kristian Budolfsen

Director & Partner
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Bjarke Thordal Bøgeskov

Project Director & Partner
+45 40 19 20 60

Kristian Feltendahl Rasmussen

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Kristian Sørensen

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Nicolas Hille

Junior Consultant
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Our Name

The name Silverbullet is our daily reminder of the importance of Turing Award winner Frederik P. Brooks world-renowned article No Silver Bullet, which addresses the mistake and idea that there is a golden solution that can make all IT projects succeed. The most important criteria for success are unique knowledge, respect for the task and insight into the specific project.

Read the article that has inspired us here.

“Why a silver bullet? Magic, of course. Silver is identified with the moon and thus has magic properties. A silver bullet offers the fastest, most powerful, and safest way to slay the fast, powerful, and incredibly dangerous werewolf. And what could be more natural than using the moon metal to destroy a creature transformed under the light of the full moon?”

– Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., “No Silver Bullet – Essence and Accident in Software Engineering”