In April-May 2022, Silverlining Research carried out an Evaluation of Maltfabrikken for Syddjurs Municipality.

Syddjurs Municipality wanted a better insight in the societal value of Maltfabrikken for the area of Ebeltoft. Moreover, they were interested in information about the potentials and development opportunities of Maltfabrikken in reinforcing these effects, improving the creation of results and taking advantage of special strength positions in developing the profile of Syddjurs Municipality and its attractiveness and growth opportunities.

To investigate this, Silverlining Research carried out 13 personal interviews with business partners and actors, a panel study with a total of 499 citizens in the municipalities of Favrskov, Norddjurs, Randers, Syddjurs and Aarhus and 231 face-to-face interviews with visitors at Maltfabrikken.

Through the analysis, Syddjurs Municipality gained insight into knowledge of Maltfabrikken and its influence on the image of Syddjurs Municipality. Additionally, the Municipality got information concerning how the visitors experienced Maltfabrikken; what they found particularly attractive and where they primarily saw a potential for improvement.

Through an ABS analysis, the total economic influence of Maltfabrikken was estimated. This analysis was substantiated by the experience of Maltfabrikken from the 13 business partners and actors.

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