Exploring the process of attaining financial and non-financial sponsorships for ILMI museum of science in Riyadh

Insights into identifying potential sponsors for the Ilmi Museum of Science, along with the development of customized sponsorship packages tailored to each potential sponsor’s unique incentives.


Silverlining Research and Omnibus Marketing Research and Consultancies have completed research on the process of acquiring sponsorships for ILMI, the soon-to-be new and exciting science and technology museum in Riyadh.

The ILMI Museum of Science is the first of its kind in the region and aims to inspire youth and support the UAE’s mission of promoting science and technology throughout the kingdom. The museum is scheduled to open in 2025 and will showcase various aspects of the human experience, with sections themed around ourselves, our inventions, and our world.



We have conducted research in two parts focusing on the process of attaining non-financial and financial sponsorships for ILMI. The first part examined how museums engage with non-financial sponsorships through desk research and interviews with museum decision-makers.

The second part focused on financial sponsorships, starting off with desk research identifying companies who sponsor attractions similar to ILMI, and their approach and perspective on sponsorships in general. Next step included interviews with companies in the region and their approach to sponsorships. 


The project resulted in valuable insights that Omnibus used to develop sponsorship packages tailored to different corporate incentives, which will support ILMI in their mission. The insights from both non-financial and financial sponsorships contributed to a strategic approach to raising support and creating long-term partnerships for the museum.
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