In collaboration with InZights in 2020 and the beginning of 2021, Silverlining has prepared a new version of the European Travel Commission’s handbook on tourism forecasts.

The handbook has a wide range of purposes, including explaining and understanding forecasting and the different methods in-depth, including their advantages and limitations. The handbook must convey the most relevant and latest available methods within forecasting, as well as a guide to their implementation and use based on explicit examples.

Silverlining Research and InZights have provided an in-depth review of updated forecasting methods – including step-by-step guidance based on real data as well as an overview of why, when and how a forecasting method is used with another. A number of case studies are available for further inspiration.

The main target group of the handbook is national and regional tourism organizations in and around the EU. The handbook gives the reader an overview of several methods for predicting future tourism, how to use them in an everyday context as well as examples of good cases from around the world. The handbook is an important tool for the tourism industry in connection with long-term planning and strategy.

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Tourism, culture & attractions

Naturkraft – Customer Insights and Product Development

Silverlining and Kvistgaard+HIRD act as strategic partners for Naturkraft concerning analysis, insights and product development.
The work is based on the research-based development tool eXDB © (eXperience Design Blueprint) and in-depth knowledge of Naturkraft’s future guests gathered in a number of personas.

Public sector

Zeppelin Tønder – Get a Great start

In October 2020, Silverlining Research carried out a target group and price analysis for Tønder Municipality. Tønder Municipality is planning an upcoming experience and dissemination centre that will tell the story of the zeppelins based on the Toska Hall in Tønder, which includes the story of the world’s first aircraft attack on land from an aircraft carrier much more.