Knowledge and Brand Analysis for the Municipality of Skive

Skive Municipality would like to follow how the many development efforts and the communication about them affect the municipality’s brand and reputation over the coming years. Skive Municipality thus needed to measure the perception of Skive municipality and their brand.

The purpose is to be able to follow the development in the perception of the municipality and to continuously plan and perform relevant actions. Silverlining Research carried out a valid and strong measurement of Skive Municipality’s brand and reputation among several different target groups, including citizens in Skive Municipality, young people original from the Skive area and families with small children living in the larger surrounding municipalities among others.

The data collection was carried out both via e-Box broadcast, via a panel survey and social media. The general focus were to create actionable knowledge for Skive Municipality’s further strategic efforts.

The insights are used in the municipality’s continuous work with their branding strategy, Clean Life, which sets the direction for the Skive with focus on protection and use of its own natural resources via green actions and focus.

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