Local Democracy in Aarhus

Insights into the population’s perception of local democracy in Aarhus.


Silverlining Research has carried out a project concerning the population’s perception of local democracy in Aarhus Municipality. In connection with establishing an action tank for local democracy, with the aim of inviting relevant actors to work together on how local democracy should be maintained and strengthened, Aarhus City Council has requested an analysis and mapping of the population’s perception of local democracy.


Through a quantitative study, Silverlining Research has provided insights into citizens’ understanding of democracy, the state of democracy, democratic participation, as well as citizens’ media consumption and use of specific media channels.


Through the project, Aarhus Municipality has received specific input on, among other things, how the function of democracy can be improved when larger or smaller projects are implemented in the municipality, how to create greater trust in politicians and political decisions, and how to get the younger group of the population to take an interest in local and municipal democracy.
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Terje Vammen

Senior Director & Partner
Silverlining Research
E-mail: tv@silverliningresearch.com
Mobile: +45 2986 1515

Bjarke Bøgeskov

Project Director & Partner
Silverlining Research
E-mail: bb@silverliningresearch.com
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