Naturkraft – Customer Insights and Product Development

Insights into guest experiences and needs, laying the groundwork for systematic efforts in product development and enhancing the customer journey.


Silverlining Research and Kvistgaard+HIRD act as strategic partners for Naturkraft in terms of analyses, insights and experience development.  

The work is based on the research-based development tool eXDB© (eXperience Design Blueprint) and in-depth knowledge of Naturkraft’s future guests gathered in a number of personas.

With the help of eXDB©, we have created a complete experience design that meticulously describes the customer journey from home, through the visit to Naturkraft and back home again.

The use of the experience design gives Naturkraft an awareness of the stimuli that give guests impressions that stick, are remembered and spread on social media. The right stimuli at the right time means guests remember Naturkraft for something positive.


Naturkraft has an interest in gaining good insights into the actual guest experience by getting feedback from guests and their assessment of how their visit to Naturkraft has been. We therefore conduct ongoing customer surveys that analyse all steps in the customer journey and satisfaction with the experiences.
The collaboration helps Naturkraft to continuously develop the tourism product and experience by working continuously with both guest surveys of the customer journey and systematic product development.
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Terje Vammen

Senior Director & Partner
Silverlining Research
Mobile: +45 2986 1515

Bjarke Bøgeskov

Project Director & Partner
Silverlining Research
Mobile: +45 4019 2060

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