Enhancing the Traveler Experience: Discovering Passenger Insights at Copenhagen Airport

Continuous collection, analysis and reporting of passenger and commercial insights with the goal of performance optimisation.


Silverlining Research has the contract to collect passenger insights at Copenhagen Airport (CPH) from June 2023. Silverlining Research collects high-quality insights that can help CPH identify CPH route potentials. Furthermore, the research identifies sources or markets from which demand can be generated.  

In total, 40,000 interviews will be collected annually with departing passengers by our local employees present at the airport. 


The results are reported monthly in our online reporting tool, which allows the route development team to measure relevant insights and drill down into specific areas and audiences of interest. The contract period runs until at least June 2024.
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Line Christensen

Senior Manager
Silverlining Research
E-mail: lc@silverliningresearch.com
Mobil: +45 2625 2113

Kristian Budolfsen

Director & Partner
Silverlining Research
E-mail: kb@silverliningresearch.com
Mobile: +45 614 614 66

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