Passenger Insights for Munich Airport

Silverlining Research has taken passenger insights at Munich Airport (MUC) under its wings. MUC is the second largest German airport and the first 5-star airport in Europe. Skytrax has rated MUC’s Terminal 2 the best terminal in the world, while passengers voted the airport the best in Europe.

MUC has outstanding airport operations with employees and suppliers who are proud and enthusiastic but who also accept the challenge of continually improving MUC in all areas. MUC wants to be an integral part of the journey and provide its passengers with the best airport service in the world. Therefore, market research that continuously helps to improve processes, procedures and contact points with passengers and customers is of utmost importance.

The project includes reorganization of MUC’s customer journey and measurements, which serve as a basis for the airport’s KPI system. This includes, among other things, conducting more than 20,000 passenger interviews each year, where Silverlining Research is responsible for field management and data collection with its own interview team. Data and results are reported to MUC in an online reporting platform that provides an opportunity to see the overall status, development over time and to dive into specific target groups and passenger segments.

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