Price sensitivity analysis among Aros’ target audience

Insights into the price sensitivity of potential visitors from South and Central Jutland, aimed at informing the development of a pricing strategy.


Silverlining Research was asked to conduct a price sensitivity assessment, combining desk research with a survey, aimed at gauging price sensitivity within ARoS’ target audience in the south and mid-Jutland regions. ARoS, known for its notable artworks like “Your Rainbow Panorama” and the iconic sculpture “Boy”, stands as one of the most frequented museums in Aarhus.


To assess price sensitivity, a survey was administered to individuals aged 18 to 74 within the target demographic, with a particular emphasis on extending invitations to residents of Aarhus and its surrounding areas. A total of 1140 citizens participated in the survey. Analysing this data, Silverlining Research could determine a minimum, optimal, and maximum price range, thereby establishing a solid foundation for future ticket price adjustments.

In addition to the survey, Silverlining Research conducted an in-depth desk research study to compare ARoS’ pricing structure with that of its competitors, situating ARoS’ pricing strategy within the context of the wider museum landscape.
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