Confetti ImageResearch on Sexism in the Cultural and Associational Life in Aarhus - Silverlining Research

In March 2021, Silverlining Research has researched the level and extent of sexism and sexual harassment in the cultural and association life of Aarhus Municipality, Culture and Citizen Service.

Since recent times have offered a large number of examples of sexism in Danish companies, organizations and associations, Aarhus Municipality has in this connection wanted better knowledge of how widespread the problem is in Aarhus’s cultural and associational life.

In close cooperation and coordination with Aarhus Municipality and Aarhus’ cultural and associational life, Silverlining has carried out two-pronged research of the issue, which includes both a quantitative questionnaire survey and a qualitative survey consisting of mini-focus groups. The survey’s target group includes participants, volunteers, members, employees, trainers, teachers, managers, administration, boards, etc.

The investigation has given Aarhus Municipality insight into how widespread the problem of sexism and sexual harassment is in Aarhus’ cultural and associational life, what types of sexism are involved, as well as proposals for measures and initiatives to create a safe environment.

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