Satisfaction and experiences with using the libraries and citizen services in Aarhus Municipality

Insights into citizens’ satisfaction and experience of citizen services and libraries in Aarhus Municipality following the construction of Dokk1 and renovations of libraries throughout the municipality.


In the spring of 2023, Silverlining Research conducted a satisfaction and experience survey for the Libraries and Citizen Services in Aarhus Municipality.

Citizen Services offers services throughout the municipality and serves 300,000 citizens annually in person and over the phone, while the libraries are visited by more than 2.1 million annual visitors.

The survey was conducted in preparation for the development of a new four-year policy in the area, with a special focus on citizen inclusion following the construction of Dokk1 and renovations of libraries across the municipality.



Our solution design included sending out a questionnaire to citizens throughout the municipality in order to gain insight into how citizens from different neighbourhoods experience and use libraries and citizen services. 

To represent the citizens as effectively as possible, the survey was sent out disproportionately, meaning that more invitations were sent to residents in smaller districts to ensure a solid foundation for statistical analysis.

A total of 2,700 citizens participated in the survey, which was conducted via e-Boks.


The survey, which was discussed with Culture and Citizen Services in autumn 2023, showed how current services were received by citizens and which areas could be improved in the coming strategy period.
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