Sectors where we deliver insights

Silverlining Research is a strong all-round service team that offers interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding. Our expertise will take your project to the next level if you choose to team up with us. We have comprehensive experience within following, but not limited to, areas and sectors:

Tourism, Culture & Attractions

The main goal of any destination, culture institution or attraction is to create a great experience for their visitors. What is the best way to do it? Which approach will provide the highest success rate? We say base your decisions on data!

The industry faces a constant change in consumption patterns and demands, making it more critical for the parties involved to follow the development closely. It is crucial to de updated, but why not be a step ahead? As an actor on the market, you already have quite an amount of data about your customers. If not, we will help you get it. One way or the other, we will transform the data into valuable insights for you. 

The aviation industry is in constant development both regarding the demand and the supply. In the meanwhile, the requirements of the passengers are also growing. The airports are pushed to give their passengers the best experience possible if they want to improve the commercial aspects of their business. We will help you gain insight into the demand changes, guide you towards proper actions, and help prioritize and execute them.

The level of experience within aviation that Silverlining-team possesses is difficult to match. The high level of expertise sets the standards for the quality of service that we deliver. We transform simple and complex data from multiple sources into insights which are ready to be acted upon. Furthermore, we help you towards strategic initiatives that are based on the insights.

Transportation & Mobility

The public transportation sector is continually evolving. New demands emerge ceaselessly from passengers, municipalities, regions, and the state regarding the customers’ service. The mobility and a smooth combination between means of transportation have gained higher importance.

We conduct surveys among passengers through quantitative and qualitative methods and, if possible or desirable, combine the gained data with operational numbers to create a holistic view. The outcome we wish for is providing the passengers with the best possible service and experience which will sustain or make public transportation the preferred choice.  

Silverlining Research provides insights into numerous branches and levels of the public sector. This includes the state, regions, municipalities, and services within multifaceted areas such as city planning, healthcare, and utility sector.

We work closely with the public actors, conduct user surveys and public opinion polls to generate the right knowledge base for new insights. The goal is to ensure a better understanding of the citizens for the public actors, which would lead to proper choices and implementations of new initiatives. All this for the benefit of the citizens and their quality of life.

The Public Sector
Retail & FMCG

Over the years, we have provided insights into a wide range of customers within retail and FMCG. The industry is changing rapidly and pushing companies to choose the omnichannel approach.

We have helped many clients to meet and overcome the challenges that their line of business has faced. We are ready to help you at any stage of the challenge, and we have done it all. The list contains, but not limited to, the successful launch of new products, consumer perceptions and attitudes towards new initiatives, planning and executing the optimal mix of stores in, e.g. airports or malls.     

Silverlining Research team specializes in how media, brands and people interact. We measure the impact of communication and campaign content to achieve the best value for money. Our services include measurement and understanding of platforms, planning and creating content and communication, campaign and communication test before launching and the impact of a campaign on a client’s brand.

We carry out tailored measurements while considering benchmarking relevant KPIs to earlier studies and other brands. This approach gives the best possible platform for measuring impact and input regarding how future campaigns should be executed.     

Media & Advertising

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