Study of ex-pats in Aarhus Municipality

Silverlining Research has conducted a survey of ex-pats in Aarhus on behalf of Aarhus Municipality. Aarhus Municipality has based on their cooperation with, among others, the International Community under Erhverv Aarhus, had a desire to obtain precise knowledge about the international workforce in the region, i.e. foreign professionals – so-called ex-pats. The ambition is to increase awareness of what characterizes the group of international migrants who positively choose Aarhus and to give a fair picture of the target group’s preferences and experiences when it comes to Aarhus as a city to live and work in.

To meet this wish, Silverlining Research has sent out the survey via digital mail to a total of 9,155 ex-pats, of which 1,253 responded.

The survey has given Aarhus Municipality insight into who Expats in the municipality are, what made them choose the municipality, how long they want to stay, as well as their experience of integrating into and interacting with the municipality.

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