Study of student’s experiences with student life in Aarhus Municipality

Silverlining Research conducted a survey of Aarhus as a university city for Aarhus Municipality. The purpose was to gain insights into how the city’s current offerings are perceived and to receive ideas and feedback from the city’s students for future initiatives.

Every year, Aarhus Municipality welcomes 12,000 new students who become part of the municipality’s total of 50,000 students attending its many educational institutions. In 2021 and 2022, Aarhus was awarded the title of the best university city by Studentum, a title that the city naturally wants to maintain.

We developed a solution design consisting of a questionnaire survey sent via digital post to the municipality’s residents aged 20-29 years to reach as many Danish and international students as possible. A total of 1,100 students participated. The questionnaire addressed various aspects that make Aarhus an attractive university city, including well-being, safety, city life, transportation, housing, as well as opportunities for student jobs, internships, and future career prospects. The survey made it clear that Aarhus is a strong university city, but it also highlighted several areas that the municipality can focus on in the future.

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