Target group analysis for Danish Export Association

Insights into the challenges encountered by Danish export companies, aimed at developing strategies to support and enhance the industry.


In 2023, Silverlining Research undertook a target group analysis for the Danish Export Association (DEA) as part of the funding process for the Danish Export Academy project.

The DEA aimed to understand the export-related challenges faced by Danish B2B companies and to explore ways DEA could help address these issues. Additionally, the DEA sought to identify the training and educational needs of B2B companies to tailor relevant solutions. The association also aimed to develop profiles for various personas in the B2B sector, including CEOs, export managers, and marketers.


For the analysis, a mixed-methods design was used, combining quantitative and qualitative approaches. The study included 245 questionnaire responses, which provided insights into the companies’ export challenges and needs for further education and training. In addition, 20 in-depth interviews were conducted to gain a more nuanced understanding of the different personas’ specific needs and communication preferences.



The study has provided detailed insights into the main export challenges faced by Danish B2B companies, as well as the areas of training that are most in demand. The in-depth interviews have provided a rich description of the personas in the B2B sector and highlighted effective communication strategies to reach these key individuals. These findings allow DEA to tailor their offerings and communications to support companies’ export activities and training needs.
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