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The main goal of any destination, culture institution or attraction is to create a great experience for their visitors. What is the best way to do it? Which approach will provide the highest success rate? We say base your decisions on data!

The industry faces a constant change in consumption patterns and demands, making it more critical for the parties involved to follow the development closely. It is crucial to de updated, but why not be a step ahead? As an actor on the market, you already have quite an amount of data about your customers. If not, we will help you get it. One way or the other, we will transform the data into valuable insights for you.

Clients we work for in the Culture & Attractions sector

Work cases in the Culture & Attractions sector

Evaluation of Maltfabrikken

In April-May 2022, Silverlining Research carried out an Evaluation of Maltfabrikken for Syddjurs Municipality. Syddjurs Municipality wanted a better insight in the societal value of

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