In May 2014, Silverlining Research conducted a comprehensive study for Billund Airport on how the West Danish travel market performed in 2019 and passengers’ expectations for flying after Covid-19.

It has been important for Billund Airport to identify passengers’ travel expectations after the decline of the pandemic and possible indications of a later return to earlier travel levels in relation to the 2019 travel pattern.

The study has provided current insights into and understanding of the population’s expectations to travel by air both domestically and internationally when covid-19 has decreased. It has also been revealed how travel patterns have been affected, possible worries about travelling, and what initiatives and measures can make it safer for passengers to travel again.

Billund Airport has gained valuable operational and strategic insights, which has made them better able to plan the airport’s future capacity in the short and medium term, just as they have received specific input for implementing security initiatives among passengers.

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Passenger Insights for Munich Airport

From the spring of 2020, Silverlining Research has taken passenger insights at Munich Airport (MUC) under its wings. MUC is the second largest German airport and the first 5-star airport in Europe.