Unlocking Actionable Insights: Empowering Dubai Airport’s Success

Continuous collection, analysis and reporting of passenger and commercial insights with the goal of performance optimisation.


Silverlining Research has in cooperation with KPI Aviation Marketing Solutions and Omnibus the framework contract for collecting passenger insights at Dubai Airports. Dubai Airports, renowned for its continuous growth and transformation, stands as an unparalleled global leader. In its pursuit of excellence, Dubai Airports carefully handpicked a partner with a dynamic operational approach and strategic expertise. Thereby ensuring a consistent flow of insights through cutting-edge methods and technology.


This ambitious endeavor entails conducting over 100,000 annual interviews by our highly skilled local aviation fieldwork team, accompanied by observations at every significant touchpoint within the airport. These efforts culminate in monthly reports that equip Dubai Airports with the latest and most comprehensive business intelligence available. 


Armed with this invaluable knowledge, Dubai Airports adeptly manages and optimises the passenger journey, delivering an extraordinary experience to all travelers.
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Director & Partner
Silverlining Research
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Senior Director & Partner
Silverlining Research
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